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2014 Meeting Papers

2014 Meeting Papers for Joint APLAC/PAC Meetings

All papers have been uploaded in a zipped file format and have been hyperlinked to the Agenda.
For best results, download the zipped folders and save to your hard drive.
Additional papers will be uploaded as they are received.
Note that late papers for the meetings which have already been uploaded in zip file format will be added to the website as .doc or .pdf and will need to be downloaded separately.

Communications and Marketing Commmittee Meeting (CMC)

The following papers are in the zip folder - Download CMC papers here

Agenda PAC-CM-14-001
Review Record of Honolulu PAC-CM-13-002
Review of CMC Workplan Workplan_CMC_May 2014
Implementation of PAC Strategic Plan PAC-EXEC-014
List of FAQs PAC FAQ List_R2
Brochure Brochure.pdf
CMC Budget Requirements 2015 Draft_2015 CMC Budget

Joint APLAC/PAC General Assembly (JGA)

The following papers are in the zip folder - Download JGA papers here

Agenda JointGA-14-001
Report from PASC JointGA-14-002
Report from AFRAC JointGA-14-003
Report from ARAC JointGA-14-004
Report from EA JointGA-14-005
Report from IAAC JointGA-14-006
Report from SADCA JointGA-14-007
Report from ASEAN ACCSQ/WG2 JointGA-14-008
Report from UNIDO JointGA-14-010
Report from ILAC JointGA-14-011
Report from APMP JointGA-14-012
Report from IAF JointGA-14-013

The following papers for the JGA are still to be uploaded:

Report from APLMF
Report from PTB

Technical Committee Meeting (TC)

The following papers are in the zip folder - Download TC papers here

Agenda PAC-TC-14-001
Draft Minutes 2013 PAC TC Meeting PAC-TC-13-022
Review of TC Workplan PAC-TC-14-002
Implementation of PAC Strategic Plan PAC-EXEC-014
Improving PAC TC Operations PAC-TC-14-004
Proposal for 2015 PAC Budget PAC-TC-14-012.xls
Report - WG - GHG and Energy Management (Chikako) PAC-TC-14-014
Report - TF - Survey on Witnessing Assessments (Bruce) PAC-TC-14-003
Update on ISO/TC207/SC7 (Darren) PAC-TC-14-013
Legal Compliance Issues in EMS Certification (CNAS) PAC-TC-14-005
Verifying the Competence Criteria for Technical Area (TCL) PAC-TC-14-006
Clarification Needed on IAF MD 11 PAC-TC-14-007
Implementation of IAF MD 10 and ISO/IEC TS 17021-3 PAC-TC-14-008
Validity of MS Certificate After Withdrawal of Accreditation PAC-TC-14-009
Witnessing of CB's Surveillance Audits PAC-TC-14-010
Assessment Duration and Interval PAC-TC-14-011

Developing Programs Committee Meeting

The following papers are in the zip folder - Download DPC papers here

Agenda PAC-DPC-14-001
Minutes of 2013 DPC Meeting PAC-DPC-13-004
Review of DPC Workplan Workplan_DPC_June 2014
Implementation of PAC Strategic Plan and Improvement of the Operations of the DPC PAC-EXEC-014
Review of the DPC Terms of Reference CBC ToR (Draft Mar 2014)
Progress Report on 2014 Training Courses PAC-DPC-14-003
Outcomes - Survey on PAC Training Needs 2014-2015 PAC-DPC-14-002
Budget for Proposed Training Courses DPC Budget 2015

Additional Paper for DPC Meeting

Report of APEC Workshop for ISO/IEC 17024:2012

ISO/IEC 17065 Workshop

In addition to the papers below, participants of the 17065 Workshop are required to have the following documents (these documents will NOT be uploaded to the PAC website)

ISO/IEC 17000
ISO/IEC 17065
ISO/IEC 17020
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO/IEC 17021
ISO/IEC 17067

Training Program
CASCO WG 29-14 Introduction Letter Mario Wittner
17065 Powerpoint Presentation
17065 Powerpoint Presentation - Notes Pages
Annex 6 Certification and Accreditation Procedures
PEFC ST 2002-2013 CoC Standard 2013-05-24
PEFC ST 2003-2012 CB Requirements Chain of Custody

Assessment For The Suitability Of Scheme, Standards And Normative Documents for Use In The ANSI Accreditation Programs For Product Certification Bodies
Conditions and Criteria for Recognition of Certification Bodies for the ENERGY STAR® Program

Working Group on Halal and Organic Certification

Report from WG

Plenary Meeting

The following papers are in the zip folder - Download Plenary papers here

Agenda PAC-PL-14-001
Confirmation of Draft Record PAC-PL-13-016
Activities and Progress since PAC 20 PAC-PL-14-002
Report from Quality Manager PAC-PL-14-003
PAC Membership PAC-PL-14-004
Audited Financial Report for 2013 PAC-PL-14-005
Financial Report Year to 31March 2014 PAC-PL-14-006
Election of PAC Executive Committee Member PAC-PL-14-008
PAC-PL-14-008 Nom
PAC Strategic Plan PAC-EXEC-014
PAC Position to IAF Cover Note
Delegate Feedback Feedback 2014

Additional Papers for Plenary meeting

Draft PAC-EXEC-005 25 June 2014
Request for Endorsement of MLA extension to Cove EnMS ISO 50001
Selective Further Harmonisation Comments