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2013 PAC Plenary Meetings

2013 PAC Plenary Meetings

The 2013 PAC Plenary Meetings were held in Honolulu, from 18 - 25 May.

Papers from the open meetings and workshops are posted for your information.

For Further information please contact or the PAC Secretariat: or






Saturday 18 May

08:30 – 17:30

MLA Management Committee Meeting (closed)

Sunday 19 May

08:30 – 17:30

Executive Committee Meeting (closed)

Monday 20 May

08.30 – 12.00

Experienced PE workshop (closed to PEs only)

13:00 – 17:30


19:00 – 21:00

Welcome Party

Tuesday 21 May

08:30 – 12:30

Technical Committee Working Groups

  • GHG
  • Persons
  • Product
  • Halal / Organic

13:30 – 17:30

Technical Committee Meeting

Wednesday 22 May

08:30 – 10:30

Developing Programs Committee Meeting

10:45– 12:30

Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting

13:30 – 17:30

MLA Group Meeting (One representative + one observer of MLA Member + others upon request)

18:00 – 18.30

18:30 – 19:00

19:00 – 20:00


PAC MLA Signing Ceremony

Official Dinner

Thursday 23 May


08:30 – 12:30

Technical Visit to Dole Plantation

13:30 – 17:30

Information Exchange Group 1: Information on Interesting Standards.

Participants will compare notes on information / issues related to the following standards and conformity assessment scheme with the standards. ISO/IEC 22300 Business Continuity, ISO 29990: Learning services for non-formal education and training, ISO 39001: Road traffic safety (RST) MS, and EDSA 310, 311 and 312: Cybersecurity.

Facilitators: Chikako Makino and Roy Swift

13:30 – 17:30

Information Exchange Group 2: Group on "Jack-of-all-trades”.

Participants can raise issue(s) related to any conformity assessment scheme, and all participants can then exchange views and thoughts on the topic.

Facilitators: Brett Abraham, Ekanit Romyanon and Shinichi Iguchi

Friday 24 May

08:30 – 12:30

Plenary Meeting

13:30 – 17:30

Workshop on MLA Scope and Process

Saturday 25 May

08.30 - 17:30

Trainee Peer Evaluator Workshop for technical experts in new programs

Sunday 26 May

08:30 – 17.30

Trainee Peer Evaluator Workshop for technical experts in new programs


Papers and Documents

Papers for the open meetings and workshops will be available for download prior to the meeting via this web site. Papers for the Executive Committee, MLA Management Committee and MLA Group Meetings will be sent to the relevant members via email.

Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting

PAC-CM-12-006         Minutes CMC 2012 Hong Kong
PAC-CM-13-001         Draft Agenda
Workplan                    CMC Workplan May 2013
Brochure                     PAC Brochure
FAQ List                      PAC List of FAQs
IAF-CMC-13-M11        IAF Minutes Bangkok Feb 2013
IAF-CMC-13-10           IAF Workplan Bangkok Feb 2013


Developing Programs Committee Meeting

PAC-DPC-12-006        Minutes DPC 2012 Hong Kong
PAC-DPC-13-001        Draft Agenda
PAC-DPC-13-002        DPC Terms of Reference
PAC-DPC-13-003        Training Plan for 2012 - 2013
Workplan                      DPC Workplan May 2013
DPC Chair                   Report by the DPC Chair
PTB Report                 Report by PTB to the Developing Programmes Committee
ITU Report                   ITU Conformance and Interoperability Programme
ISO 17065                   KAN Report on MLA Enhancement Project on Product Certification (ISO IEC 17065:2012)
Training 2014              Proposals for 2014 Training Curses

Technical Committee Meeting

PAC-TC-12-002           Minutes TC 2012 Hong Kong
PAC-TC-13-001           Draft Agenda
PAC-TC-13-002           TC Workplan May 2013
PAC-TC-13-003           Discussion 01-2013 (CNAS, JAB, KAB, TAF)
PAC-TC-13-003_001   Discussion 01-2013 (CNAS, JAB, KAB, TAF) - Collated Feedback
PAC-TC-13-003_002   Discussion 01-2013 - Format OAA Witness Audits
PAC-TC-13-004           Working Group on Food
PAC-TC-13-005           Working Group on ISMS
PAC-TC-13-006           Working Group on 17024
PAC-TC-13-007           Working Group on 20000
PAC-TC-13-008           Working Group on Management Systems
PAC-TC-13-009           Working Group on Product
PAC-TC-13-010           APG/AAPG
PAC-TC-13-011           Working Group on Forest
PAC-TC-13-012           Cross Frontier Policy
PAC-TC-13-013           EMS Scoping
PAC-TC-13-014           ISO/CASCO Activities
PAC-TC-13-015           CASCO WG 37 - Guidelines for Determining MS Audit Duration
PAC-TC-13-016           CASCO WG 36 - ISO TS 22003
PAC-TC-13-017           ISO/TC 176
PAC-TC-13-018           ISO/TC 207/SC7
PAC-TC-13-019           Discussion 02-2013 (CNAS, JAB, KAB, TAF)
PAC-TC-13-020           Discussion 03-2013 (ema)
PAC-TC-13-021           Discussion 04-2013 (CNAS)
PAC-TC-13-022           IAF Complex Multi-Site Certification
PAC-TC-13-023           CASCO WG 21
TC Supplementary Papers 1 Zip File
     PAC-TC-13-024 WG on GHG and Energy
     PAC-TC-13-025 WG for Persons Report
     PAC-TC-13-026 WG on Product Report
     PAC-TC-13-027 WG on Organic Food and Halal
     PAC-TC-13-028 IAF TC WG 17024 Presentation
     PAC-TC-13-029 Halal PAC Hawaii ED
     PAC-TC-13-030 IAF TC 45-13 Minutes Draft 1
     PAC-TC-13-031 Organic INA PAC Hawaii
     PAC-TC-13-032 Update of the IAF Product Certification WG
     PAC-TC-13-033 Report of IAF WG on Forest (JAB)
     PAC-TC-13-034 Assessor Competency TC Presentation

TC Supplementary Papers 2 Zip File
     PAC-TC-13-035 CASCO 11 2013 Ballot Results  ISO-IEC DTS 17023
     PAC-TC-13-036 ISO CASCO CPC N0164 Report WG 38
     PAC-TC-13-037 ISO CASCO WG37 N0032 ISO IEC DTS 17023
     PAC-TC-13-038 ISO Working Group 30 PACT Report
     PAC-TC-13-039 PAC Product WG 13-008 Information About ISO IEC 17067 by Alan Shi
     PAC-TC-13-040 PAC Product WG 13-009 Information About ISO IEC 17026 by Alan Shi
     PAC-TC-13-041 ISO CASCO CPC N0150 Update on the ISO Certification Database
     PAC-TC-13-042 CASCO 2013 Plenary Program
     PAC-TC-13-043 CASCO 2013 Workshop Program 20130409
     PAC-TC-13-044 Draft PAC-EXEC-005_4
Brief Introduction on Product Certification WG 20130521 by Alan Shi


Seminar and Open Forum

Halal                           TC Working Group on Halal
Organics                     TC Working Group on Organics

Plenary Meeting

PAC-PL-13-001          Draft Agenda
PAC-PL-12-016          Minutes Plenary Hong Kong 2012
PAC-PL-13-002          Activities and Progress Since PAC 19
PAC-PL-13-003          Quality Manager Report
PAC-PL-13-004          PAC Membership
PAC-PL-13-005          Audited Financial Report 2012
PAC-PL-13-006          Financial Report to 30 April 2012
PAC-PL-13-008          Result of Election - PAC Office Bearers
APLAC-PAC               Annual Review of PAC/APLAC MoU
IAF Strat Plan             IAF Activities and Liaison
PAC-PL-13-009          Report from APLAC
PAC-PL-13-010          Report from APMP
PAC-PL-13-011          Report from PASC
PAC-PL-13-012          Report from AFRAC
PAC-PL-13-013          Report from ARAC
PAC-PL-13-014          Report from IAAC
PAC-PL-13-015          Report from SADCA
                                   Report from ASEAN
                                   Report from PTB

Joint PAC/PASC Seminar

PAC Chair               Presentation by PAC Chair Mr Shinichi Iguchi
PASC Chair             Presentation by Mr Colin Blair
SRB Reps                Presentation by Ms Belinda Mort and Mr Michael Fraser

Experienced Peer Evaluators Workshop