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2012 PAC Plenary Meeting

2012 PAC Plenary Meetings

The 2012 PAC Plenary Meetings were held in Hong Kong, from 16 - 23 June 2012.

Papers and Documents

Papers from the open meetings and workshops are posted for your information.

Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting

  • PAC-CM-11-004                    Minutes of Meeting held 15 June 2011, Manila, Philippines
  • PAC-CM-12-001                    Agenda for Meeting held 20 June, Hong Kong
  • CMC Workplan
  • IAF CMC Minutes                  IAF Meeting Bangkok
  • IAF CMC Workplan              

Developing Programs Committee Meeting

  • PAC-DP-11-003                     Minutes of Meeting held 15 June 2011, Manila Philippines
  • DPC Workplan 
  • PAC-DP-12-001                     Agenda for Meeting to be held 20 June, Hong Kong
  • PAC-DP-12-002                     Overview of Developing Programs Committee

Technical Committee Meeting

  • PAC-TC-11-002                     Minutes of Meeting held 14 June 2011, Manila, Philippines
  • PAC-TC-12-001                     Agenda for meeting to be held 19 June, Hong Kong
  • PAC-TC-12-002                     IAF TC Frankfurt 2012 Minutes
  • PAC-TC-12-003                     Current TC Workplan
  • PAC-TC-12-004                     Survey on FSMS Certifications - Summary Results
  • PAC-TC-12-005                     PAC MD for FSMS
  • PAC-TC-12-006                     FSMS Disposition of Comments
  • PAC-TC-12-007                     Survey on ISMS Scope - Summary Results
  • PAC-TC-12-008                     PAC MD ISMS (Draft)
  • PAC-TC-12-009                     PAC MD GHG (Draft)
  • PAC-TC-12-010                     Discussion 11 2011 (IOAS) Result
  • PAC-TC-12-011                     Discussion Paper 13-2012 NABCB
  • PAC-TC-12-012                     GD3 TF Progress Report to TC
  • PAC-TC-12-013                     IAF MD XXX Assessment of Key Activities for Cross Frontier Accreditation
  • PAC-TC-12-014                     PAC TC Member Only Section 

Plenary Meeting

  • PAC-PL-11-013                     Minutes of Meeting held 17 June 2011, Manila, Philippines
  • PAC-PL-12-001                     Agenda for Meeting to be held 22 June 2012, Hong Kong
  • PAC-PL-12-002                     Report of PAC Executive Committee
  • PAC-PL-12-004                     Members of PAC as of 6 June 2012
  • PAC-PL-12-005                     Financial Statements Year Ended 31 December 2011
  • PAC-PL-12-008                     Election of PAC Office Bearers
  • PAC-PL-12-009                     APLAC Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-010                     APLMF Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-011                     PASC Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-012                     AFRAC Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-013                     EA Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-014                     IAAC Report to PAC
  • PAC-PL-12-015                     SADCA Report to PAC
  • Draft_PAC_MLA-004_v2     PAC Policies and Procedures For A Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) Among Accreditation Bodies Draft 2